Doorknobb is a Toronto-based Edtech & fintech financing startup that provides Canadians with interest-free funding to pursue a career as a real estate agent for ISA (Income Sharing Agreement).

The Future is real estate

Invest in your future

Find a career that intrigues you

Over Asking Problem

Canadians are paying a hidden price of over-asking; buying over-priced homes

Solving Dual- Agency Dilemma

More than often Canadian homebuyers; sellers, are represented by the same real estate agents, which is a bane for the homeownership process.

Opaque Industry

Real estate is the largest asset class in the world, yet the real estate industry is riddled with middlemen and secrecy.

Funding repayment through earnings

We offer ISAs -
(Income Sharing Agreement)

We provide aspiring real estate agents with interest and collateral-free funding in exchange for Income Sharing Agreement.

We ride the tides with you

We are your funding partners

Interest-free fundingCollateral-free fundingNo unattractive terms on our ISA agreements

You can always repay early

Pay Only Once You Earn

We don't penalize you

  • Pay as early as you want

  • No early repayment (penalty)

  • We are in it for the long-haul

Struggle to get education is real

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